We carry out our developments by maximally taking into account sustainability aspects in such a manner as to ensure smooth gas supply by all means to Hungary and to the region. The most important goals of our medium and long-term development strategy are capacity increase and expansion of the transit markets. The realisation of developments aimed at the above considerably increase the weight and role of our company, FGSZ Natural Gas Transmission Ltd in the international gas market.

We create and operate natural gas pipelines and exercise related activities by observing the technical safety prescriptions of Act No. XLVIII of 1993 on Mining by maximally considering the protection of human life, health, natural environment and private property.

In the previous years we built pipelines of more than 500 km. With the completion of the Budapest pipeline ring we connected Pilisvörösvár and Százhalombatta. The pipeline operating from 2009 not only serves the increasing demands of the region both in terms of quantity and pressure but also contributes to the security of gas supply of the Budapest region.
Transmission started in 2009 through the 210-km-long pipeline built in the framework of our import capacity expansion project, thus significantly increasing the natural gas import capacity by 25%.

By mid-2010, we completed the 47 km-long Hungarian section of the Arad-Szeged pipe-connection in cooperation with our Romanian partner, Transgaz S.A. In 2011 we have also completed the Városföld-Slobodnica investment, where we also added several hundred kilometres, of which 205 km is in Hungary, while the Croatian section built by Plinacro is 80 km-long. As part of the project international measuring stations were constructed at Drávaszerdahely and Donji Miholjac, a new compressor station was built at Báta, in addition the Városföld compressor station and node was expanded.

Our future plans

FGSZ's interest is that an efficient gas market should come into existence. In this decade, we plan comprehensive infrastructure development projects which concern both Hungarian and international markets, and which aim to facilitate the coming into existence of the liquid gas market on the one hand, and to make it possible for Hungarian consumers to always use the cheapest gas source of the region on the other hand. It is our goal that Hungary be connected to every neighbouring country also from the inlet and outlet aspect, and that the basic principle of bi-directionalism should be enforced also in its border crossing capacities according to EU-directives.The goal of FGSZ is that Hungary be connected to every neighbouring country,  becoming an indispensable key actor in the surrounding region and hence also considerably improving Hungary's security of supply.
You can find detailed information on projects in previous years below:

Gas pipeline between Pilisvörösvár and Százhalombatta 

Import capacity expansion 

Gas pipeline between Arad and Szeged

Gas pipeline between Városföld-Slobodnica