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The Annual Work schedule of 2018 has been changed (14 May)

​Dear Partners,

The Annual Work Schedule of 2018 has been changed.

The Modified Planned tasks indicated on the published sheet have been modified respect the date and the Local Distribution Company concerned information.

For easier transparency, we list planned reductions on Interconnection points.

Technical capacity will be available in 0% (full stop) 2018.05.14 6:00 - 2018.05.16 6:00 Mosonmagyaróvár (AT>HU) (KAMOSONM1IIN) Elementary Point.
Technical capacity will be available in 0% (full stop) 2018.09.12 6:00 - 2018.09.14 6:00 Beregdaróc 800 (HU>UA) (HABEREGD1HHN) Elementary Point.

The planned tasks will be published in consultation with the related TSO.

Work Schedule for the Hungarian Gas Transmission System Subject to 2018 is available on our website: Maintenance Plan.

Best Regards,


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