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Change in the accounting system of daily and within-day capacity bookings from 1st October 2016

Dear Partners,

​hereby we would like to inform you that in accordance with Points 11.1.2. and 11.1.3 of Annex No. 4.d. (GTC) of our Business Code that  entered into effect on 1st October 2016, the accounting system 
of the transmission capacity fee and auction fee regarding daily and within-day capacity products has changed.

Our Company shall issue and send the invoices of the transmission capacity fee and auction fee related to these products to the Network Users on the first working day after the calendar month concerned at the earliest.  

You are kindly requested to take into account during the submission of your financial security that on the basis of the abovementioned change, capacity fee locks related to daily and within-day bookings on RBP are going to be cleared only after the month concerned, once the financial obligations have been fully met.

Should you have further questions regarding the subject, please contact our colleagues at

Best regards,
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