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FGSZ Ltd temporarily suspends the gas transmission to Ukraine

FGSZ Ltd interrupted the gas transmission to Ukraine through the separate pipeline from Testvériség (Brotherhood) pipeline on the afternoon of the 25th September 2014 for an indefinite period. As a result of the action the gas transmission has been stopped from 18.00 on 25th September 2014.

The reason for interruption, that according to information received from system users, from the 26th September 2014 gas day onwards the demand for incoming delivery increases significantly. In order to manage the security supply and preserving the network balance, the Beregdaróc network point connection has to be altered to enable all pipelines to be suited for inward transmission.

FGSZ ensured a 6.1 billion m3/year (16.8 million m3/day) capacity for Ukrainian gas deliveries from March 2013 for system users on an interruptible way, depending on technical and commercial terms, i.e. the transmission capacity to Ukraine was not guaranteed.

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