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Green light for the Arad-Szeged gas pipeline

FGSZ Ltd. and Transgaz concluded a Memorandum of Understanding for the interconnection of Hungarian and Romanian transmission systems.

FGSZ Natural Gas Transmission Closed Company Limited by Shares, as the owner and operator of the Hungarian high pressure natural gas pipeline system and Transgaz, as the operator of the Romanian Transmission System, concluded a Memorandum of Understanding on January 22nd, 2008, in Szeged (Hungary) for the completion of the interconnection pipeline between the two transmission systems, on the Arad - Szeged route.

“The main purpose of this MoU is to fulfill the obligations regarding the assurance of natural gas supply security by building interconnections with the gas transmission systems of the neighbouring countries” said Ioan Rusu, General Director of Transgaz.

"The cooperation is driven by the same essential lever as our NETS initiative, calling for regional cooperation of TSOs and increased security of supply in South and Central Eastern Europe” added Dr. János Zsuga, CEO of FGSZ Natural Gas Transmission Closed Company Limited by Shares.

The Memorandum specifies the steps which are to be taken by the two Parties in order to achieve the construction and commissioning of the interconnection by the end of 2009.

The technical parameters of the interconnection pipeline are: total length on Romanian territory will be 61.7 km (out of which 36.7 km already built) with a nominal diameter of 700 mm. The total length of the future interconnection pipeline on Hungarian territory will be 47 km.

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