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Closing yearly capacity booking period and monthly capacity booking

FGSZ Ltd. hereby informs it’s System Users that following  the capacity auction for 2011-2012 gas year on the network point „Osztrák-magyar határbetáplálási pont Baumgarten felől” – network code: KAMOSONM1IIN – held on 13th May, 2011 and after the completion of processing of capacity demands submittesd according to the (a) paragraph of the ÜKSZ, FGSZ Zrt has finished the procedure of the non-interruptable yearly capacity allocation for 2011-2012 gas year. Our company had not discovered any further congestion. Consequently, a further capacity auction for non-interruptable capacity for the 2011-2012 gas year is not going to be announced.

We would like to inform you further that our Company accepts booking inquiries  for the 10% of inlet point capacities that have been reserved according to the 70/A § of the Act XL of 2008 to satisfy short term capacity demand  with a deadline marked in the following table:


Month of shipping Deadline for submitting inquiry
July 201101.06.2011
August 2011    01.07.2011
September 2011   01.08.2011
October 2011   01.09.2011
November 2011     01.09.2011
December 201101.11.2011
January 2012 01.12.2011
February 2012 02.01.2012
March 2012  01.02.2012
April 2012   01.03.2012
May 2012 02.04.2012
June 2012  02.04.2012


The identification of eventual  overbooking and announcement of the possibly necessary monthly auctions will take place every month, after the deadline for  submitting inquiries  and the requisite correction of irregularities.

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