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Capacity increase at the Austrian-Hungarian border cross entry point from Baumgarten

Information about the capacity increase of the Austrian-Hungarian border cross entry point

On 22nd October 2009 FGSZ Ltd. offered 95,520 m3/h additional monthly interruptible capacity for the System Users at the “Austrian-Hungarian border cross entry point” in the winter period of 2009/2010.

As the technical conditions have changed, for the available capacity published in Stage 2 the requests can be submitted under the following modified conditions:

Stage 2

The capacity is available from 06:00 a.m. 01/December/2009 to 06:00 a.m. 16/April/2010.

Type and usage period of the capacity:

From 1/December/2009 to 15/April/2010: interruptible for 25 days

For the requested and provided capacity the System Users shall pay the capacity fee defined in Article 1.6 of Appendix 3 of 31/2009 (25th June) KHEM Decree.

The capacity request shall be submitted to FGSZ not later than 08:00 a.m. 20th November 2009 by fax (+36 84 505-218) or by mail.

Based upon the Articles and of the Network Code approved by the provision Nr. 127/2009 of the Hungarian Energy Office, on 20th November 2009 FGSZ Ltd. shall inform in writing all Shippers of the acceptance or the refusal of the capacity booking demands. In case of oversubscription FGSZ shall inform the Shippers of the supplied by pro-rata procedure quantities and the payable capacity fee.

FGSZ Ltd. shall conclude the monthly Capacity Contract (KFSZRI) with the Shippers until 27th November 2009.

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