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Pilisvörösvár-Százhalombatta pipeline

Position paper for the construction of the last section of the Budapest loop

FGSZ Natural Gas Transmission Closed Company Limited by Shares is constructing the Pilisvörösvár-Százhalombatta DN 800 PN 63 underground gas transmission pipeline as its own project, and with its implementation the Budapest look (planned for many years) will be completed. If this development is not implemented, the gas supply for the capital and its agglomeration cannot be secured after 2010. The Hungarian Energy Office adopted a resolution and modified the Company’s natural gas transmission license, thus confirmed the necessity of the construction of this pipeline.

The contractor has proceeded, just like in all similar projects, with utmost care and prudence during the project preparations and fully complied with all legal obligations and requirements, and demanded its sub-contractors to follow the same principle. The project will be completed by December 31, 2008 and includes the construction of 55 km pipeline. It covers only 13.4 hectare area out of the total 58.000 hectare of the Pilis region. The contractor applies stricter standards than prescribed by the relevant laws and regulations in order that nature and environment can be protected, and the contractor has assumed its contractual obligation to implement a robust re-forestation program on an area 2,5-times larger than the land used for the project works, i.e. on 34 hectares. Thus the region will, once the project is completed, have a green zone bigger than before.

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