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Press Release - Siófok, 7 January 2009 19.30

This afternoon at 14.00 the Chief Ecexutive of FGSZ Ltd held a press conference in the headquarters of the company in Siófok. Dr János Zsuga summarised the events of the last days; the consumption today was 68 Mm3.

This quantity is expected to decrease by the end of Wednesday by 4 Mm3 as a result of the category I restriction introduced yesterday evening at 20.30, and that of restriction category II introduced on Wednesday at 8.00 a.m.

Today from Austria we are expecting a natural gas import of 3 Mm3 - he added.
Concerning the consumption restriction he emphasised that it means self-restriction, that is the consumers belonging to the given category implement the restriction themselves following the notification of FGSZ Ltd.

He pointed out that all the consumers obeyed the notification, the restriction measures have been successful, thus the resource-consumption balance is ensured.
Answering questions of the media he explained that the country's consumption decreased by 6-7 Mm3 with restriction category I, and a further 1-2 Mm3 with restriction category II.
Dr János Zsuga repeated the information relesed after the meeting of the Foreign Affairs Committee: the strategic gas storage of Szőreg is at the disposal of the system operator, from which the country can get 3.6 Mm3 natural gas per day.
Taking into account the resources at our disposal the daily maximum quantity of available natural gas:

  • Domestic underground storages: 52 Mm3
  • Domestic production: 9 Mm3
  • Strategic storages: 3.6 Mm3

No decision has been made concerning the introduction of restriction category III.
With opening the strategic natural gas storages the country has sufficient resources at its disposal to ensure the supply of the consumers.

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