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Press Release - Siófok, 12 January 2009 08.30

The press release of PhD János Zsuga, the CEO of FGSZ Ltd

The natural gas consumption of the country was 62.5 Mcm on Sunday. The delivery from Ukraine has not arrived. We have received the agreed amount from Austria.

The amount to be transmitted for Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina has only been partly received and transmitted as the intake has dropped to zero several times since 4.00 a.m.; the FGSZ Ltd - taking into consideration that these countries have interruptible transmission contracts - has proportionately decreased the amount to be transmitted for these countries.

The expected consumption for today is 63-66 Mcm depending on the restart of the industry. We maintain restriction category I.

The volume of available resources is 66 Mcm (53 Mcm from underground storages, 9 Mcm from domestic production, 4 Mcm from western import) which is being negotiated.

The Austrian dispatcher charges did not confirm that they will deliver to Serbia (2.7 Mcm /day) and to Bosnia-Herzegovina (1.5 Mcm /day) the agreed amount to be transmitted, thus we have interrupted its delivery. As soon as the amount to be transmitted has been confirmed and delivered, we resume transmission.

The FGSZ Ltd is continuously analysing the situation.

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