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Press Release - Siófok, 18 January 2009

On Saturday Hungary's gas consumption was 56 Mcm. There wasn't any incoming gas from Ukraine, but we received 4.7 Mcm from Austria for domestic use, 2.7 Mcm was transmitted to Serbia and 1 Mcm to Bosnia-Herzegovina. There was further 2 Mcm transmitted Serbia from domestic production.


The expected gas consumption for today is 54-56 Mcm.
The maximum volume of available resources for today is 66 Mcm. 53 Mcm from underground storages, 9 Mcm from domestic production, 4 Mcm from western import; the agreement about their availability is finished.
The available resources ensure the resource-consumption balance for today without any consumer restriction.
The Hungarian transmission system is ready to receive the gas delivery from Ukraine, however the FGSZ Ltd has not yet received any official notification.

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