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Beregdaróc compressor station named after Imre Seszták

One of the most significant gas industrial objects of FGSZ Ltd., the eastern gate guard of the Hungarian gas transmission system has been named after the person who had supervised its construction.Sesztak_Imre_tabla_2.jpg

On 3 August, the first anniversary of Imre Seszták’s death, who was an outstanding personality of Hungarian gas transmission and a  great manager, the compressor station at Beregdaróc was given a new name in an informal ceremony. As a sign of our respect the official name of the institution from this Wednesday is Imre Seszták Compressor Station.

Imre Seszták was 26 year old in 1974 when he came into contact with gas industry at GOV. He participated in building Testvériség and other little gas pipelines and the Telemechanic Centre in Hajdúszoboszló. OKGT appointed him to manage the building of the compressor station at Beregdaróc in 1977. Due to Imre Seszták’s work within 2 years the compressors were operational and they have been ever since and the station became one of the most significant gas industrial objects in Hungary.
From 1980 he was managing the plant of GOV at Beregdaróc for 12 years. Between 1992-1994 he was a coordination senior engineer of MOL Plc Gas and Oil Transmission Plant at Siófok. Later he handled market research and organization of domestic and foreign oil industrial investments. From 1995 till his death he worked as director of Turbo Team Ltd founded by MOL Plc.
Remembrance of Imre Seszták is preserved on a memorial marble tablet and a compressor station bearing his name as well.​

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