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FGSZ employees built a sports ground


The town of Gellénháza has become richer with new, up-to-date and safe outdoor toys, as well as with long-desired badminton and footballtennis courts, which the local children gladly occupied on 22 May. The implementation of the sports grounds and toys was sponsored by FGSZ Ltd, within the framework of the Energetic Settlement Program of the company, with the participation of more than 100 employees of FGSZ Ltd.

In the informal opening ceremony János Zsuga PhD, CEO of the company emphasised :“As one of the most successful Hungarian companies it is our duty to recycle part of our profit in the social environment where we operate. I believe that no company can be successful without promoting the success of its area of operation. Thus it is natural that we are interested in the well-being of Gellénháza and that of the families living here. FGSZ Ltd assumes increased responsibility for the future. No wonder we have chosen the f​ollowing motto: energy into the future, in every moment of life. Just like the smile of children brings energy into our present and future as well.”


Within the framework of the Energetic Settlement Program, since 2009 FGSZ has built playgrounds, sports grounds and outdoor leisure centres for the inhabitants of Városföld, Báta, Kistokaj and Nemesbikk, each time with the voluntary participation of 100-120 employees. These establishments make the environment of the settlements richer, more beautiful, and they are pleasant scenes of our everyday life.

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