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Personnel changes

Effective from 1st August, 2013 János Fehér is appointed as CEO of FGSZ Natural Gas Transmission (FGSZ) Ltd.

János Fehér holds a diploma of economics and has been working in the petroleum industry for more than 40 years, including nearly 15 years in MOL Group holding various manager positions in the exploration and production business, including the period between 2006 and 2011, when he was the managing director of crude oil and natural gas production operations of MOL Group in Pakistan. He was appointed in 2011 as the head of MOL branch office at Damascus, where he managed and controlled the exploration and production operations of the Group in the Middle East, and then, when MOL operations had to be suspended in Syria, he managed INA foreign exploration and production operations with his experience and expertise.

Dr. János Zsuga, the former CEO of the FGSZ Ltd was the top manager of the MOL-owned national gas transmission network for a decade, and responsible for the development and maintenance of the grid, as well as for the security of gas supply. During the period when Dr. János Zsuga was the CEO of the company, FGSZ Ltd could become an indispensable strategic player of Central-Eastern-Europe, and a pre-dominant company of the natural gas market. He had outstanding role that only the Hungarian high pressure natural gas transmission system did not collapse in the region during the gas supply crisis arising due to the price dispute between Russia and the Ukraine in 2009 January. Dr. János Zsuga was awarded with the Order of Merit (Civilian) of the Hungarian Republic as a recognition of his eminent activities performed in the interest of the security of natural gas supply for Hungary.

Dr. János Zsuga remains the chairman of the Board of Directors of FGSZ Ltd.

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