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Dear Partners,

please be advised that the auctions regarding the offered capacities at the

Csanádpalota RO>HU Bundled (EIC: 21Z000000000236Q, Informatic Platform code: KECSANAD1IBN) and
Csanádpalota HU>RO Bundled (EIC: 21Z000000000236Q, Informatic Platform code KECSANAD1HBN)
network points
for February gas month of 2014/15 gas year
firm, monthly, bundled capacity
have been registered at the Regional Booking Platform (RBP).

The auction publications regarding the offered capacities are available on the RBP Portal (

Network Users shall be entitled to participate in the auction, if, till 11.00 (UTC) 16 January 2015

A. Has completed the registration at the RBP application.

The registration is acceptable if the applicant

1. has filled in the ’Network User Registration Form’, has duly signed and has sent the scanned version to e-mail address and has sent two original copies to FGSZ Ltd (H-8600 Siófok, Tanácsház u. 5.).

as well as

2. has filled in and duly signed the „Network User Membership Agreement” ( and has sent the scanned version to e-mail address and has sent the two originals to FGSZ Ltd (H-8600 Siófok, Tanácsház u. 5.). In addition the applicant should send the list of persons who are entitled to represent the applicant company. A valid digital certificate issued by a trusted provider must be registered for each RBP user, which must be submitted within the ‘Network User Registration Form’. Digital certificates already used in the FGSZ’s Informatic Platform (eIP) can be also used in the RBP application.

B.    Has fulfilled the registration conditions required to access and use the transmission system, stipulated by both FGSZ and Transgaz as transmission system operators.

C. Has submitted the auction security to both TSOs. Along with submitting the auction security, the network user has to declare how to divide the credit line between the two parallel running monthly auctions (direction ROU>HUN and direction HUN>ROU).


The opening time of the above mentioned two auctions shall be 19 January 2015 at 08.00 (UTC), which shall mean 09.00 o’clock in Hungary (CET) and 10.00 o’clock in Romania (EET). In the auction the Network Users may submit bids for the required volume in subsequent auction rounds applying pre-determined price steps (ascending clock auction). With regard to the auction process, further information can be found in the ‘Operational Rules of the Regional Booking Platform’ ( and in the ’User Manual for the Bidder Role’ (

Regarding the relevant points the reserve price of FGSZ Ltd published in the auction announcement shall be the capacity fee stipulated by point 3/B (3) c) of the Tariff Decree (1/2013. (VII. 11.) MEKH Decree), expressed in GCV-based HUF/kWh/h/month at 25⁰C°/0⁰C reference temperature. Price steps mean the auction premium on top of the reserve price, expressed in a percentage of the reserve price.

Network Users with a winning bid in the auction are obliged to pay the capacity fee related to the obtained capacity and the eventual auction premium calculated on the basis of the underlying price step.

After the capacity auction is closed, the allocated capacities will be registered in the Contract Management module of FGSZ’s Informatic Platform. Such capacities shall be approved in the module by FGSZ only if the winning Network User has provided the contractual security related to the volumetric fee as well.

With regard to using the allocated bundled capacities, detailed information will soon be provided.

Should you have any questions regarding the auctions, please do not hesitate to contact us at or

Yours sincerely,


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