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Collection of Market Interest for the Network Development Plan of Hungary

Dear Partners,

We hereby inform you that between 2nd May and 31st May 2016 we provide the possibility to inquire non-binding capacity demand, in order for us to take them into consideration during the preparation of the next network development plan. 
Please submit your expected capacity booking demand to the entire period from the gas year 2019/2020 to the gas year 2034/2035 or a partial period according to your demand, independently of the current available border interconnection point capacity. The forecasted demand will be considered as annual non-binding capacity demand during the analysis.
The data submission does not mean any form of commitment of your side as well as also doesn’t mean any obligation from the side of transmission system operator to develop his infrastructure.
You are kindly invited to submit your expected capacity demand with the correct filling in the linked table below: Incremental Capacity submission

The table or its modified version in the given link will be available from 1st June 2016 also, but the data received after 31st May 2016, we are able to incorporate only in the development plan 2017.

For the delivery of your electronic data as well as for further questions arise, if any, we kindly ask you to use the following email address:



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