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Tariff changes from 1 October 2018

Dear Partners,

we would like to inform you that MEKH Decree No. 3/2018 (VI.1) amending MEKH Decree No. 13/2016 (XII.20.) on  the rules of applying network usage fees, additional charges and connection fee has been published in Hungarian Gazette No. 77/2018. The decree enters into force on 1 October 2018.

The fees applicable from 1 October 2018 are the following:  

Capacity feeVolume feeOdourization fee
Exit points   
Domestic exit points513,3946,375608,63
Blending exit point87,12--
Storage exit point---
Kiskundorozsma exit point (HU>RS)1 705,5246,37-
Drávaszerdahely exit point (HU>CR)513,3946,37-
Beregdaróc 800 exit point (HU>UA)513,3946,37-
Csanádpalota exit point (HU>RO)708,2446,37-
Balassagyarmat / Velké Zlievce exit point (HU>SK)513,3946,37-
Entry points   
Domestic production entry point972,43--
Storage entry point114,16--
Drávaszerdahely entry point (CR>HU)1 080,48--
Mosonmagyaróvár entry point (AU>HU)1 080,48--
Beregdaróc 1400 entry point (UA>HU)1 080,48--
Csanádpalota entry point (RO>HU)1 080,48--
Balassagyarmat / Velké Zlievce entry point (SK>HU)1 080,48--

In addition, we would like to draw you kind attention to the fact that in case of yearly, quarterly, monthly, daily and within-day capacity auctions to be held in the period between the publication of MEKH Decree No. 3/2018 (VI.1) and its entry into force, pursuant to 19(2) of MEKH Decree No. 11/2016 (XI.14), the tariffs prevailing at the time of the publication of the auction shall be considered, i.e. the tariffs defined by MEKH Decree 13/2016 (XII.20.). The auction securities are determined in accordance with the Company's Business Code and on the basis of the prevailing tariffs. In relation to other issues and contractual securities, the Business Code shall prevail. In accordance with the established practice, our Company will give effect to the changes in tariffs applicable as of 1 October 2018 through the amendment of the contracts.

You are kindly asked to take note of the above.

Best regards,


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