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Changes on the Trading Platform as of 1 October 2016

​​​​Dear Network Users,

As of 1st October 2016, the following changes are put into effect on the Trading Platform (TP) operated by FGSZ Ltd, in accordance with Resolution No. 4683/2016 of the Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority:
  • The MGP product traded on the Hungarian Balancing Point is also going to be available on an hourly basis.
  • The trade of the HEG product available on the network point is also be possible between network user / network user, i.e. not only the TSO stands exclusively on one side of a transaction.
  • ​The hydraulic balancing gas option (HEGo) product is going to be phased out. The last day for submitting bids is 29th September 2016 concerning gas day 30th September 2016.

In compliance with Point II. 4. (3) of the EU Decree No. 312/2014, network users may conclude transactions regardless of whether they possess contracted transmission capacity. However, network users are obliged to submit nominations in order to perform the transaction on a physical network point; whereby the availability of the necessary capacity is the network users' responsibility. In case of transactions concluded on the platform, in accordance with its content, a trade notification is going to be sent automatically to the Informatic Platform (IP). The trade notification shall be considered as title transfer, i.e. it does not involve directly physical  delivery. However, it counts toward the balance of the network user's shipping portfolio.

The shipping portfolio shall be found on the IP: Nomination > Nomination from 01/10/2016 > Shipping portfolio.

An important  change: at a given physical point, HEG transactions can be concluded for both flow directions. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that in accordance with Point of the BCC, network users shall have capacity at the time of submitting the nomination necessary for the physical delivery.

Following the transactions, an automatic notification is going to be sent to the concerned network users via e-mail, if the network user has given an e-mail address to the Recipient of the automatic messages under Administration > Partner data change > Partner data > Contacts section on the Informatic Platform (Should you have several e-mail addresses registered, please use common in the list.)

The access of the platform is changed as follows:

  • the website of the Trading Platform is still the following:
  • data and reports regarding the period before 30th September 2016 as well as the monthly settlement data of September 2016 are available here:

We recommended that network users shall test these functions on our systems until the productive environment of the application goes live. The access of our platforms and the necessary technical specifications are available on our website: Informatic Platform access​

​​Best regards,


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