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IPNew - Frequently Asked Questions

​Please send your questions regarding automated interfaces as well as requests regarding personal consultation to  
Please see below the Q&A list so far:

1. Do the newly published automated interfaces correspond to the automated interfaces used in the old systems? If yes, which one corresponds to which one? 

We prepared a list of the currently used automated interfaces in the old systems. In the table, the "Data" (Column A) contains the name of the auctomated interface, the URL of the interface (Column C) and the name of the new automated SOAP interface solution (Column D) published in March 2018. Column E contains the available IT protocol of the relevant interface in the new systems.

2. When can we test the new automated interfaces?

The new systems are planned to be offered for public testing as from July 2018. The exact date of the start of the testing shall be published in a newsletter as well as on the​ website. ​

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