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IPNew project

Following 10 years of use, the current Information Platform will be completely renewed. We developed an entire new application, and beyond the Information Platform, the Regional Booking Platform, the IPDATA platform and other data services on FGSZ’s website and elsewhere will be renewed as well.​

We trust that the project will contribute to the further development of the Hungarian gas market.

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  •  RBP Application:
  • In this system, the first auctions to be run are going be the 3rd withinday auctions referring to gas day 1 October 2018.(The first auction for 1 January 2018 will be retained on the current IP application. For the 2nd auction, we will inform you that it will be unavoidable because of the IT transition).
  • Public RBP Portal (
  • Information Platform:
  • From the start-up of the system (i.e. 17 October 2018), you are going to be able to nominate for capacities beyond the 1 October 2018 period only in this system.
  • Trading Platform:
  • You may first submit trade proposals and conclude transactions from the 1 October 2018 gas day. Members of the Trading Platform shall receive further information about this in due time.
  • IPDATA data provision service:
  • An available data interface based on a separate agreement. Data supply from 1 October 2018.
  • TSODATA data provision service:
  • Public, non-identifiable interface Data supply from 1 October 2018.​

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IPNew Projekt EN_5.PNG

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