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Information about the ROHUAT Open Season

Dear Partners,
As FGSZ informed you on 26 May 2017, the Supervisory Board of FGSZ did not approve the launch of the ROHUAT Open Season procedure with the terms set by the Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority (MEKH).
In the period between that announcement and the publication of this newsletter FGSZ and MEKH conducted intense negotiations regarding the economic stability and feasibility of the project. This process did not result in an agreement, therefore FGSZ is not any more in the position to launch the ROHUAT Open Season as it was previously expected.
In parallel with the above mentioned talks, FGSZ analysed which parts of the project could be realised in an economically viable manner. As a result, it was found that gas transmission from Romania to Hungary could be realised in this manner (“ROHU”).
Having regard to the importance of the project, FGSZ submitted its official proposal to Transgaz, ANRE and MEKH to conduct an Open Season procedure with an almost identic draft open season rulebook for the ROHU project only. If this new rulebook could be supported by Transgaz and forwarded for approval to ANRE within a very limited period of time, the original start of commercial operations of 1 October 2022 could still be realised.
In order to be able to place the projected 4.4 bcm/year volume within the Hungarian system up to the virtual trading point (VTP) and export it in the absence of the corresponding Hungary→Austria firm capacity, internal bottlenecks have to be resolved. This will enable Network Users using besides the Hungarian VTP the following export capacities bookable in regular capacity allocation mechanism on a firm basis :


​​1.75 bcm/year [1] (2 116 783 kWh/h) (currently available as interruptible)


6.10 bcm/year (7 542 363 kWh/h)  (currently available as interruptible)


4.81 bcm/year (5 919 371 kWh/h)  (currently available as firm)


2.62 bcm/year (3 213 045 kWh/h)  (currently available as firm)

With regard to the Hungary to Austria (HUAT) leg of the originally planned ROHUAT project, FGSZ will initiate the continuation of the talks with Gas Connect Austria and E-Control in order to find an economically viable solution in the framework of a new project.
Network User shall be informed upon the availability of any news on the ROHU project.

Best regards,


[1] Subject to the final outcome of the proposed ROHU project may be increased up to 5,26 bcm/year

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