Filtering–measuring stations

Filtering–measuring stations are responsible for removing contaminations from the delivered/received natural gas, as well as metering and measuring the volume and quality of gas with the use of certified instruments of continuously controlled measuring accuracy. These filtering–measuring stations are located at such points of our system where the pressure of our system (in the long-distance pipelines) is identical to the pressure prevailing in the connected party’s side.

Filtering–measuring stations are technological systems that can be found at both the entry and exit points of our network. Their common characteristic is that the connected system operator uses the same pressure level as the transmission line and therefore delivery/receipt is implemented without pressure regulation.

The natural gas sourced from domestic production reaches the natural gas transmission system via these stations and similarly, primarily industrial consumers demanding this level of pressure in the long-distance pipelines (p>25 bars) are also directly supplied through the filtering–measuring stations.

The filtering devices are equipped with filter cartridges that best suit the given long-distance pipeline in light of several years of operating experience and the anticipated contaminations of production ensuring the highly effective separation of the types of contaminations that occur.

At the filtering–measuring stations, the delivered/received natural gas needs to be measured at all times. This measuring serves settlement purposes and therefore strict metrological requirements are applicable to the validation and calibration of the incorporated metering equipment and the technical specifications of installation.

At the filtering–measuring stations, we usually apply

  • ultrasonic gas flow meters,
  • turbine type gas flow meters,
  • and metering systems based on metering orifices,

but sometimes Coriolis type metering equipment is also used.

Filtering and measuring functions are discussed in detail in the description of the gas delivery stations.