Through further developing the Szeged-Arad interconnector the RO-HU project significantly increases the bidirectional firm capacities at Csan√°dpalota IP.

Within the framework of the project annually 4.4 bcm natural gas transmission capacity will be available for the regional market from the Romanian Black Sea offshore production starting from 2022.

Both FGSZ Ltd. and SNTGN Transgaz organized shipper info days in 2016 and 2017 before starting economic test of the project. After continuous consultations, FGSZ and Trangaz conducted a successful binding open season process between 16.10.2017 and 29.12.2017.

The capacity allocation results were published accordingly on 29.12.2017. The economic test was passed, with 531 percent maximum booking value for RO>HU direction and 143 percent maximum value for HU>RO direction. In certain years. The process has been conducted in a strong cooperation and continuous communication between Transgaz and FGSZ and met the best international market practices. You can find more information here about the result of the First Bidding Round, about the Open Season Procedure here.

FGSZ and Transgaz continue the consultations during the technical realization of the project. During the planning phase, FGSZ studies other further transmission opportunities as market players expressed their interested to have exit opportunities towards Austria. In this regard it has to be noted that significant, currently unused capacities exist from Hungary to Slovakia and from Slovakia to Austria, Czech Republic or Poland later on. In addition, there will be opportunity for firm capacity toward Ukraine.