The Italy-Slovenia-Hungary bidirectional corridor concept is a common transmission project of Plinovodi, FGSZ Ltd. and SNAM. The main aim of the project group is to 1) develop physical connection between Slovenia and Hungary at Pince/Tornyiszentmiklós in two phases with 50 thcmh and later 230 thcmh capacity, and 2) to strengthen bidirectional border transmission capacity between Italy and Slovenia at Gorizia/Sempeter. The project implements a new transmission route within the framework of high priority ’NSI East’ corridor. The planned infrastructure makes available bidirectional capacity up to 2 bcma after commissioning 2nd phase of the project and also increases diversification among entry points and encourages better utilization of regional storage capacities as well. In addition, it strengthens liquidity and diversification among transmission routes, and as a result increases regional security of supply. Planned interconnections help the integration of regional markets and the correlation of gas prices.

The project offers the possibility to sell gas on the Italian market, which has a premium compared to the regional markets and also grants access to Italian LNG sources. The project was also awarded PCI status by the European Union. During infrastructure development in Hungary FGSZ plans to build the necessary infrastructure which contains:

-             Tornyiszentmiklós-Slovenian border gas pipeline, 
-             Tornyiszentmiklós-Nagykanizsa gas pipeline,
-             Nagykanizsa compressor station,
-             Kozármisleny-Kaposvár-Nagykanizsa gas pipeline.