An FGSZ investment for the people of Szeged

2018. 11. 30.

The replacement of the nearly 60-year-old Szeged pipeline branch was successfully completed. The project was carried out by our company using its own resources, thus expanding its investment and project management experience.

The pipeline of nearly 3 kms branching off the Algyő-Kiskundorozsma DN600 pipeline providing supply for the city of Szeged was constructed by our colleagues at 1.2 m below ground level in 1 m distance from the old natural gas pipe. The whole pipeline section was lowered into the trench in its entirety after the completion of the welding and weld examinations, once the pressure tests and the dewatering were carried out. This development contributes to the comfort of the everyday life of thousands of people, especially now, with the winter season beginning.

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