Information for adjacent network operators and network users on the changing version interface specifications and testing possibility of new functions related to FGSZ’s Information Platform and RBP application

2019. 02. 22.

Hereby we would like to inform you that the documentation of the interface specifications related to FGSZ's new Information Platform and RBP (with a go-live from the 1st of October 2018) was changed as the development of the new functions (according to CAM NC chapter V. – incremental capacity auctions and CAM NC Article 19., 5th paragraph  - the yearly unbundled capacity limit) has just been finished.

You can access the related new 1.0 document versions here. The specifications are available in Hungarian and English.

We also inform you, that the new functions which are planned to be introduced in May 2019, are ready for testing in the UAT environments.

In order of a smooth transition, please inform the Customer Support team on the rbp@fgsz.hu e-mail address before you attempt any testing activity on the platform. The ipnewprojekt@fgsz.hu address will no longer be available after the new functions will become active.

Best regards,

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