Technical error at Beregdaróc compressor station

2019. 07. 29.

We would like to inform you that at 5:12 on 29 July 2019 a technical error occurred at Beregdaróc compressor station, which led to the shut-down of the compressor. Our Company immediately began the troubleshooting and determining the cause of the error. Due to this event, instead of the planned 508 501 092 kWh, it was technically possible to import 489 163 780 kWh energy volume on the gas day of 28 July 2019, which was allocated to the relevant network users under pro rata procedure in accordance with the applicable rules. Our Company does not charge balancing surcharge to network users that became short due to the energy volume not received at Beregdaróc entry point.

As soon as the exact cause of the error has been determined, you will be informed of any possible further action to be taken.  

Best regards,


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