The compressors are on their final spot, the compressor station at Csanádpalota, part of ROHU Phase I, is on track.

2020. 07. 04.

The development of the Romanian-Hungarian gas transmission corridor – that is part of the BRUA corridor, a core project to the Central-Eastern European security of supply – is proceeding according to the schedule and will be finalized by October 2019. The development reached an important milestone at the end of February, as the compressor units have been placed on their final spot at the new Csanádpalota compressor station.

The development works of the Romanian-Hungarian gas transmission project are progressing according to the schedule and the new compressor station will be finalized soon. One of the most important milestones have been reached at the end of February, as the two compressor units, each with 4.5 MW compressor power – previously operating at the Hajdúszoboszló compressor station - have been put on their final spot. The two units, each weighing 45 t have been transported to the station by trucks and have been put with a special method to their place. The development of the new compressor station is going to be finished by October 2019, that enables the transmission of 1.75 billion cubic meter of natural gas from Romania to Hungary from the end of 2019. The pipeline is already capable to transmit the same amount of gas from Hungary to Romania.

The pipeline is utilized currently at 100% from Hungary to Romania. As a result of the development the capacities will enable an increased reverse flow transmission. The development of the significantly increased import capacity at the South-Eastern part of Hungary enables the import of other gas sources besides the Romanian. The development of the Romanian-Hungarian gas pipeline with the new compressor station, as an integral part of the BRUA project is very important as it remarkably increases the regional security of supply, develops the regional energy markets and the bilateral energy relations.

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