Developments of the Serbian-Hungarian gas interconnector

2020. 06. 26.

FGSZ Ltd. hereby notifies market participants that, in accordance with the earlier amendments submitted by FGSZ Ltd., the Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority (MEKH) in its decision H1596/2020 – issued on 19 June 2020 –, approved the 10-year development plan proposal, which includes the development of the new Serbian-Hungarian interconnector capacity capable of transporting 6 bcma.

In compliance with legal regulations, the Supervisory Board of FGSZ Ltd. approved the investment in accordance with the decision of MEKH, according to which FGSZ Ltd.  will commence the construction of the Kiskundorozsma 1200 Serbian-Hungarian interconnection point as planned. The 6 bcma capacity shall be realized by the set 1 October 2021 deadline at the southern entry point.

FGSZ Ltd. will provide more information later on further details of the 10-year development plan.

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