FGSZ gradually returns to normal operation this week

2020. 05. 06.

FGSZ has started the graduate returning from home offices to the usual workplaces as of 6 May 2020. This affects half of our colleagues who were working remotely since 16 March.

To protect the health and safety of our colleagues, FGSZ has implemented strict protocols for the returning. Colleagues were asked in advance whether they were able to come back to the office and almost two-thirds responded positively. So, as of this Wednesday they will be the ones who can start the graduate returning.

In the first phase of returning, colleagues will spend 2 days in the office and three days still in home office. Considering the two weekend days as well, employees will spend two days at the workplace and altogether five days still at home to lower the chance of infection.

Furthermore, the number of people being in one office is limited, and everyone must keep the 2-meter distance and wear masks, too. The office building is frequently cleaned and disinfected, and we also provide hand and surface sanitizers for our colleagues.

In positions where personal presence has been required earlier and now as well – like system operation and operation management – FGSZ still pays special attention to the protection of our colleagues with work organizational measures and safety equipment. Employees working in this field have been following safety and hygiene rules in a responsible and disciplined way, while fulfilling their work in the pandemic situation to ensure the security of supply in Hungary.

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