Firm day-ahead use-it-or-lose-it mechanism

2020. 09. 30.

Dear Partners,

Please be informed that the Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority obliges our Company in its Decree H2098/2020 to apply the ‘Firm day-ahead use-it-or-lose-it mechanism’ concerning Mosonmagyaróvár AT>HU entry point and Csanádpalota HU>RO exit point during the gas year 2020/2021.

On the basis of the above, the firm capacities not nominated by 14.00 on the day before the gas day for the above network points will be withdrawn from the concerned network users pursuant to the clause of the BCC; instead of this capacity, interruptible capacity will be provided. These withdrawn capacities will be offered as firm daily capacities at the relevant capacity auction.

The concerned network users will be informed directly.



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