New development of FGSZ Information platform go live

2020. 08. 31.

FGSZ Ltd. is committed to the continuous modernization of our IT systems. As a new milestone of this modernization the following developments will be implemented by the 1st of September 2020:

  • On the FGSZ’s informatic platform the new version of interface (1.2) will be introduced containing new improvements and modifications published within our newsletter at 26.06.2020. In order of the seamless transition we use the current settings as default, and we have contacted those partners where changes are had to be made. If you would like to switch to EIC code-based identification in case of the machine-to-machine communication, response message sent by FGSZ, the IP internal code or the communication through Excel, please make a request through TopDesk.
  • The TSODATA data interface (can be reached from FGSZ.hu) will be renewed as well. the outdated units will be removed from the capacities and nominations surface. Concerning the publication of the interruptions we change to the categories recommended by ENTSOG, furthermore the explanation and refresh frequency of every data set will be displayed on an information panel.

We hope that that these new improvements will enhance your user experience and they will make processing the information published by FGSZ more efficient.

If you experience any irregularity in the normal operation, please report it through TopDesk.

Best regards,


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