Organizational change at FGSZ

2019. 02. 08.

FGSZ Ltd. - the owner and operator of the Hungarian high-pressure natural gas pipeline system and supplier of gas distribution companies, power plants and large industrial consumers – introduced a dual corporate governance model.

In the dual corporate governance model the strategic tasks are managed by Szabolcs I. Ferencz as CEO from 1st February 2019. Mr. Ferencz manages the work of the related areas  – after being elected as chairman of the Board of Directors – as Chairman-CEO from 8th February 2019. Kristóf Terhes continues to be responsible for the Operational Management as CEO, fulfilling this position since Jan 1, 2017. This change will enable both Strategic and Business Development areas and Operations to be prioritized – with the appropriate allocation of time and resources –, thus ensuring the long term value generation and future of the Company.


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