Our company publishes the draft amendment of its Business Code in order to allow for the submission of opinions in accordance with the applicable legislative provisions

2019. 03. 26.

Pursuant to Section 123(1) of Gov. Decree 19/2009 implementing Act XL of 2008 on Natural Gas Supply (hereinafter referred to as: “Implementation Act”), our Company submitted its draft Business Code to the Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority (hereinafter referred to as: “Authority”) on 13 April 2018, previously published on our website on 28 February 2018 in order to allow for the submission of opinions. On 31 May 2018, we applied to the Authority for suspension of the approval process of the Business Code due to the fact that because of the new IT application to enter into operation at the Company on 1 October 2018, certain parts of the Business Code must be modified or amended, and other modifications also became necessary due to the new laws that entered into force and the new law amendments. The Authority approved the application for suspension of the Business Code amendment procedure.

We request our Partners to submit their substantive observations relating to the draft Business Code amended in accordance with the foregoing in text format to the info@fgsz.hu email address by 8 August 2018, in accordance with the deadline set out in Section 123(3) of the Implementation Act.


An infrastructure development concerning three countries was at the focus of the Plinovodi system user information day

13 April 2018

The annual System User Information Day was hosted by the Slovenian system operator Plinovodi on 4 April 2018 in Ljubljana.

In addition to the market players and the system users, regulatory and diplomatic bodies were also represented – among others, the Slovenian ambassador of Hungary and the state secretary of the Slovenian Ministry for Infrastructure also attended this prestigious event.

The three leading system operators of the Region, Plinovodi, SNAM and FGSZ presented the “Italy-Slovenia-Hungary bidirectional natural gas transmission route” concept jointly at the event. The goal of the planned developments is to establish a new pipeline connection between Slovenia and Hungary in the Pince/Tornyiszentmiklós region and to enhance the bidirectional transmissions at the Goriza/Sempeter Interconnection Point between Italy and Slovenia.

The projects under the concept together create a new transmission route in the priority “NSI East” corridor. The planned infrastructure will allow for:

  • bidirectional transmissions after the completion of the second phase, for an amount exceeding 2 billion m3 per year,
  • increasing diversification between the entry points,
  • encourages the utilisation of regional storage capacities,
  • enhances flexibility and diversification between the gas transmission routes and sources, and
  • increases the security of supply in the region.

The proposed cross-border connections facilitate the integration of the regional markets and equalisation of the prices. The transmission system operators may call interested system users to participate in a non-binding capacity booking procedure in the following months. You can find a brief summary of the event and view the presentations here


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