Planned FGSZ IP webservice change and start test session

2020. 06. 26.

Dear Partners,

We have implemented a development on the Information Platform of FGSZ that allows that a given Network User (Shipper) / Shipper pair (who can be identified with a specific EIC code) can be recorded with more (as defined by the neighbouring network operator) FGSZ internal codes.

In parallel, we have created the possibility that the nominated and allocated data can be queried based on the EIC code or internal code, customized according to the requirements of the partner in case of interface and Excel downloads. As a result of the development, if the Network User partner to be used is listed on the Information Platform with several FGSZ internal codes, then due to the exact identification we can only accept the nomination with the internal code via an interface connection. This required a change in our currently used interfaces. The interface documents containing the changes were published under the subtitle ‘Interface documents before go live‘ at https://fgsz.hu/en/information-platform/interface-documents.

The new development is available on FGSZ’s IP test system, please test whether the interfaces work properly after this change. The EIC code-based query is set by default for each partner for interface communication and the internal code-based query for excel download. If you have any questions about the upgrade or would like to use a setting other than the default setting, please let us know via TopDesk.



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