System user counterparty registration - new IP function

2020. 09. 10.

Dear Partners,

FGSZ Ltd is committed to the continuous modernization of its IT systems, which allows our partners to perform their administrative tasks more easily, using less paper, while having continuous information on the status of the process.

To this end, by replacing the system user counterparty registration process used so far, the registration can be done in the future via our IT Platform in menu item 1.21. For a description of how to use the new function, see section 8.4 of the user manual.

Please note that the Special Terms and Conditions document has also been amended regarding the registration process.

We inform our esteemed partners that we will put the already registered system user counterparties that have not been used in the last gas year in an inactive status. In case of need those must be registered again in menu item 1.21 of the IP.



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