The development project aimed at enhancing the security of gas supply of Northeast-Hungary has been completed

2020. 05. 07.

At the end of April, one month before the given end of May deadline, FGSZ successfully completed the investment project aimed at increasing the security of supply in the North-Eastern Hungary region. The project consisted of the Beregdaróc, Hajdúszoboszló and Nemesbikk compressor stations’ reconstruction using a total of approximately HUF 3.7 billion of own FGSZ resources. The implemented developments ensure that gas transmission on the relevant compressor stations can be supplied from other supply points instead of Ukraine as well.

The Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority in its ordinance Nr. 13207/2019. called FGSZ to implement the investment project aimed at enhancing the gas security of supply of Northeast-Hungary by 31 May 2020. Accordingly, it had to be ensured that, in case of the possible cessation of gas supplies from Ukraine which would jeopardize this region the most, the region could be supplied from other supply directions as well.   

FGSZ started the reconstruction of the Beregdaróc, Hajdúszoboszló and Nemesbikk compressor stations in February 2019. During the conversions, special bridges were built to enable the reversing of the flow direction while using the capacities of the existing compressor stations. At the Beregdaróc and Nemesbikk stations, the measuring equipment was also modernized.

Construction works on site began in the second half of 2019. In addition to ensuring the smooth gas supply of the country, the construction itself required continuous reorganization and rescheduling, while the special measures taken during the coronavirus epidemic allowed only very limited on-site work in line with established pandemic plans.

Despite the aggravating circumstances that arose during the construction, thanks to the constructive cooperation of the contractors and the relevant colleagues of FGSZ, the planned works were completed one month before the tight deadline. So, by now, bidirectional gas flows are ensured at all three compressor stations, which enhance the security of gas supply of the Northeast-Hungary region as well as reduce its exposure to the Ukrainian entry point.

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