COVID-19 rules

Receiving guests in FGSZ offices and on sites

Considering the appearance of the COVID-19 pandemic we would like to call the attention of our guests to some rules that are compulsory to all of our visitors.

We ask every guest to observe the following rules upon entering any of our sites in order to keep everyone safe:

If possible, organise meetings online (too) to avoid crowdedness!

  • A condition of entry is filling in the “Health declaration of FGSZ site visitor”. (In case the answers for the first two questions are “yes”, entry can be denied at the reception.)
  • In case the suspicion of infection or illness arises of a constructor/visitor, it must be immediately reported to the FGSZ contact.
  • Entering the sites of FGSZ is forbidden if:
    • fever,
    • upper respiratory symptoms,
    • symptoms of coronavirus or other infectious disease of a family member living in the same household as the visitor.
  • Please try and observe proper social distance (min. 1.5 m)!

Thank you!