3.1.2. (a) Detailed and comprehensive description of the services provided by FGSZ Ltd, and their charges as of 1 October 2018

Capacity products

Capacity products
Yearly Quarterly Monthly Daily Within-day
Bundled Unbundled Bundled Unbundled Bundled Unbundled Bundled Unbundled Bundled Unbundled
Frim Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Interruptible Yes Yes Yes Yes

(exception: Beregdaróc 800)

Bundled capacity product: capacities that are bundled pursuant to Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/459 (CAM NC) on the two sides of a cross-border point (one auction, two contracts)

Reverse flow capacity

Reverse flow capacity allows the non-physical transmission of natural gas so that the transmission system operator is able to perform the delivery task in the opposite direction to the physical flow by netting it against the delivery task in the direction of the physical flow. Reverse flow capacities are offered on the basis of agreements concluded between the connected system operators. At entry/exit points, the available capacity is defined in accordance with the Business and Commercial Code (BCC).

Primary capacity market

The transmission system operator offers available capacities in primary capacity allocation procedure as per the CAM NC. For more information click here.

Secondary capacity market

Network users having booked or received capacities before, may sell these capacities to other network users in full or in part. For more information click here.

Open Season procedure

It is a procedure that is approved in advance by the Authority, before the establishment of the capacity concerned, for the capacity of the any new entry/exit point to be created in the future on the natural gas pipeline system.

More information about the current Open Season procedures, please visit the following sites here and here.

Fulfilment of the Publication Requirement set by Article 29 of TAR NC – 2019

In order to ensure the transparency of the calculation of the tariffs TAR NC a significant amount of data shall be published during the tariff setting process. In Hungary, in accordance with the Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority’s decision, published in resolution 5517/2017., this publication requirement is fulfilled by the Authority and is available on the following websites:

Fees and charges

Yearly capacity fees applicable from 1 October 2019

Multiplicators applied during capacity booking

Other charges and their terms