Regulatory environment

The Company operates in strictly regulated market conditions, in a so-called ITO model, i.e. it operates as an independent transmission system operator. Accordingly, FGSZ Ltd will have fully independent decision-making powers concerning the measures and the material resources required for the operation of the system, the infrastructural development and the maintenance tasks. Besides the finances, the strict rules concerning separation are also applicable to the separation of the management and human resources management of MOL and FGSZ, and compliance with them is supervised by both the national and the EU regulatory authorities.

The Company’s market and external business processes are regulated by the legislation (EU Directives and Regulations and national laws), the gas market regulations (Business and Commercial Code; “BCC”) and the Company’s Business Code.

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 Our Business and Commercial Code (BCC) ( only in hungarian)

The primary purpose of the BCC is to facilitate cooperation between the operators of the natural gas market, including in particular the establishment of the rules of accessing and operating the system in accordance with the applicable EU Directives and Regulations, the GSA and the other Hungarian laws. It sets out the rules, procedures and methods of operating and using the interconnected natural gas system, the minimal substantive requirements of network usage, measurement accounting and data traffic agreements and the detailed rules of system operation based on the provisions of the GSA.


  Business Code

The purpose of the MEKH-approved Business Code of FGSZ Ltd compiled in accordance with the relevant provisions of Gov. Decree No. 19/2009 (I.30.) issued in the subject of implementation of the GSA and reviewed regularly is to set out for the market players establishing contractual relations with the Company the general minimum contractual safety, technical, commercial, quantitative and qualitative accounting and payment conditions with respect to the services provided by the Company via the interconnected natural gas system and the use of such services, as well as the rights and obligations of the contracting parties.

Standards:​​​​​​ List of standards that are mandatory at FGSZ (only in hungarian)

Order of accounting for natural gas quality

  Capacity Booking Platform Policy

The Capacity Booking Platform Policy is an electronic capacity trading platform operated by FGSZ Ltd, which sets out the rules of operation of the capacity booking and auction processes of the Capacity Booking Platform, the conditions of participating as system user, the rules of concluding contracts, capacity products, the financial security system applied with respect to the system users and the rights and obligations of the contracting parties.

Trading Platform Policy