Capacity increase at Interconnection Point Csanádpalota (RO>HU) (EIC: 21Z000000000236Q)

2022. 08. 18.

Dear Network Users,

We hereby inform you, that as a result of the recent negotiations between FGSZ Ltd. and SNTGN TRANSGAZ SA, the amendment of the Interconnection Agreement between the concerned companies was signed today, and according to that it is expected that from 1st October 2022 at Csanádpalota interconnection point (EIC: 21Z000000000236Q) in the direction Romania>Hungary, the technical capacity will be 3,057,174 kWh/h (25 ⁰C/0 ⁰C). FGSZ Ltd. is going to submit the application for amending its license to the Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority related to the increase of the technical capacity of Csanádpalota interconnection point (EIC: 21Z000000000236Q), and following its approval by the Authority, the technical capacity of 3,057,174 kWh/h (25 ⁰C/0 ⁰C) prescribed in the amendment to the Interconnection Agreement will be valid, about which FGSZ Ltd. will inform you.



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