FGSZ has a key role in ensuring the safety of the natural gas supply of Hungary and the entire Central and Eastern Europe Region.

Our services have been synonymous with quality and continuous improvement for decades and this is also what we offer to our employees: a long-term career at a reliable company with a long history and a secure future.

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Bsc and Msc students interested in the company and in natural gas transmission and trade may complete their mandatory traineeship with us or write their thesis at the company. Information and application: humaneroforras@fgsz.hu

Santa Claus Factory, giving a helping hand

Santa Claus Factory, giving a helping hand

2019. 01. 02.

Donations were sent and transported to the Santa Claus Factory in Budapest from six different locations by the employees of FGSZ.

The packages that were sent to the centre at the Millenary Park included sustainable foods, sweets, toiletries, toys and books as well.

FGSZ Santa all around

FGSZ Santa all around

2018. 12. 14.

The children of FGSZ employees have eagerly waited for the arrival of Santa Claus and to show what Santa meant to them, they had the opportunity to make drawings for the drawing competition organized by FGSZ.

This year Santa Claus was busy visiting the children in seven different locations, giving out a lot of Santa packages filled with delicious goodies for the children.

FGSZ volunteer program: plogging for your health and the environment

FGSZ volunteer program: plogging for your health and the environment

2018. 11. 21.

Started as an organized activity in Sweden, plogging spread to other countries as well giving us the opportunity to do something good for our health and our environment. The word “plogga” is of Swedish origin and it is formed of the words “pick it up” and “run”, meaning picking up litter while jogging.

On Oct 13 and Nov 10, the employees of FGSZ Ltd. have gathered on seven different locations to do something good for their health and the environment by spending an afternoon outside. The event was organized in collaboration with the JÖN Foundation with altogether one hundred and fifty participants collecting and having nearly 30m3 litter transported in Hajdúszoboszló, Kecskemét, Miskolc, Siófok, Vecsés, at Lake Velence and at Lake Gébárti of Zalaegerszeg, thus contributing to the preservation of the cleanliness of the cities.

Together for the prevention of breast cancer

Together for the prevention of breast cancer

2018. 10. 18.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. FGSZ has also joined the campaign that brings focus to the importance of prevention.

On the 16th of October the colour pink was represented not only in the pink ribbons – the symbol of breast cancer awareness - worn by our female employees but also in the clothes of many of our female colleagues – special thanks to those male colleagues who also wore pink – to show their commitment to prevention and providing information. The company sent out an information summary to all of its employees about the important role of screenings and living a healthy lifestyle in the prevention of the disease and the organizers also had a little gift prepared for the ladies.

FGSZ Miners’ day in the spirit of harvest with awards and surprises

FGSZ Miners’ day in the spirit of harvest with awards and surprises

2018. 09. 17.

Siófok gave home to the Miners’ day celebration where nearly five hundred people, FGSZ employees and their relatives came together for the special occasion, on the 15th of September, 2018.

This is the largest annual event of FGSZ, which began with an award ceremony following the traditions of the past.  Kristóf Terhes, CEO of FGSZ Ltd. prepared an unconventional celebratory speech for the occasion, presenting the first results of the Company’s renewed strategy and the Company’s new image for the very first time. The FGSZ employees and guests had the opportunity to get familiar with the new Company image first hand, by receiving gifts prepared by the organizers with the new Company logo on them.

The most memorable moments of the evening were of the award ceremony. The employees earning the award „For the Natural Gas Transmission” were first on the stage and the winner of the Work Safety Competition has also received the roller award. The award ceremony continued, and the employees who submitted their ideas that resulted in savings and efficiency improvements have also been recognised with a Certificate of Appreciation.   

Being the host of the event, the Central Hungarian region’s traditional food and wine selection was presented for dinner as well. The “Spritzer terrace” was a popular spot of the evening where Managers served wine spritzers for the guests, such as Small Spritzers and Long Steps while the Vivat Bacchus vocal ensemble entertained the guests with many of their wine songs. The evening was filled with joy, the guests could enjoy many activities such as gaming tables, a photo corner and music being played till the morning.

National ice cream day at FGSZ

National ice cream day at FGSZ

2018. 07. 26.

Something tasty and cool is always welcome in the summer heat, especially if it is brought right to us, and this is exactly what the employees of FGSZ could enjoy this summer!

Everyone loves ice cream! This is how we could briefly summarise our initiative that took place on 24-25 July, when the company welcomed its employees with ice cream in eight locations. Delicious flavours and good company – a bulletproof recipe for a refreshing experience in the middle of a heat wave.

Family-friendly workplace – Children’s corner in the Siófok office building

Family-friendly workplace – Children’s corner in the Siófok office building

2018. 07. 02.

It is very important for us to create comfortable working conditions for our employees, to listen to their needs and to help them solve situations that arise in everyday life. For parents with small children, for example, it can be a huge help if they can bring their children to the workplace while they take care of business or even for several hours – especially in the summer.

For this reason, as of July, the company allows employees to bring their children to the workplace in eight locations if it proves to be troublesome to provide for their care for a few hours or if they simply want to show them where mom or dad works. In the Siófok headquarters of the company, employees can also use the Children’s Corner office subject to preliminary registration. In this room, parents can work while the children can be entertained as well: they can play, draw or watch cartoons thanks to the wifi access.This is of course not the only family-friendly initiative at FGSZ.  Our colleagues are allowed to work flexible hours or use the option of home office in job roles where this is possible, which helps our colleagues harmonise their work and private life.

FGSZ picnic across the country – we welcomed summer with regional family days

FGSZ picnic across the country – we welcomed summer with regional family days

2018. 06. 30.

Our colleagues spent a pleasant and active day together in a familiar atmosphere in several locations during May and June, where both children and their parents could choose from numerous activities.

Little spidermen, cats and fairies played together in bouncing castles (and of course the ever-popular face painting was also available), the family playhouse made the entire family move, and many chose sport activities – in Siófok, for example, participants could try tricky bicycles and SUP. Each location offered some curiosity: in Balatonlelle-Rádpuszta, it was the equestrian show and the petting zoo that attracted the most attention, while in Hajdúszoboszló, potteries were created in a pottery house, and giant pancakes the size of a tyre were made and disappeared from the plates in the blink of an eye.  In Kecskemét, “plains olympics” were held, and the participants could try their skills in straw bale rolling, horseshoe throwing, cart pulling, potato-sack racing and wheelbarrow slalom.

The name of the event series was not chosen by chance, of course, and everyone could find something to their taste in the wide range of food and drink selection. There is nothing better than being in nature, in good company, with our bellies filled...