Data of the natural gas system for the year 2020 are available

2021. 10. 28.

The document summarising the operating data of the Hungarian natural gas system for the year 2020 has been published. The summary issued in cooperation of the Hungarian  Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority (HEA) and FGSZ Földgázszállító Ltd. for the eighth time contains the most important Hungarian and international transmission system operator data.

Thanks to the uninterrupted operation of the natural gas transmission and distribution system and the high fill level of the natural gas storage facilities throughout the year, the country’s security of supply was continuously guaranteed also in 2020.

According to the quoted EUROSTAT data, the domestic household price level was one of the lowest among the EU27, mainly due to the fact that nearly all household consumers are supplied by the universal service providers, at rates unchanged since 2014.

The volume of gas injectable into the natural gas storage facilities exceeded 6.5 billion m3 compared to the previous 6.3 billion m3 (on the basis of the license of the authority and the Mining and Geological Survey of Hungary).

According to the data of the summary, the total domestic natural gas use increased by nearly 3.9%, to 10,443 million m3 in 2020 compared to 2019, but despite this, the daily peak value was the lowest in the past five years (58.15 million m3).

The summary of this year presents the regulatory environment of the natural gas sector, the national natural gas balance, the tendencies of natural gas sources, production and import, the effect of the daily mean temperature on natural gas consumption, the data of the natural gas transmission, distribution pipelines and storage facilities, as well as the peak day data.

The publication and the related tables are available on the websites of HEA and FGSZ Ltd.

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