Energy Efficient Company

2021. 02. 10.

FGSZ Ltd. lays emphasis on energy efficiency in order to realize its operation as a natural gas TSO with the smallest possible environmental impact.

To express our commitment, FGSZ announced a comprehensive programme series, the “Energy Efficiency Year” for 2021. As a part of this initiative, the Company had applied for the title “Energy Efficient Company 2020” in the Virtual Power Plant Programme, where we presented three energy saving projects:

  1. hydraulic optimisation to reduce compressor fuel gas consumption,
  2. reconstruction of heating systems at gas delivery stations,
  3. pipeline pressure reduction.

These measures result in saving 4.7 million m3 natural gas annually, while avoiding 8700 tons of CO2 emission. With this, FGSZ contributes by offering 3,6 MW to the performance of the Virtual Power Plant, one of Hungary’s largest power plants.

For further information visit: vppp – Virtuális Erőmű (

About the project of our Company and those of other applicants, the virtual Showroom will provide more information: ShowRoom – Virtuális Erőmű (

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