FGSZ’s Code of Ethics and reporting process have been renewed

2021. 01. 14.

The renewed Code of Ethics had been called to life by the will to offer support in forming the right decisions, statements, and behaviour during the operation of the Company. Furthermore, the Code offers guidance for employees and business partners in terms of expected behaviour and arising professional decisions, at the same time it provides protection for those following the norms.

It is our firm intention that any breaching of the norms outlined in the Code of Ethics always entail consequences and real remedy. In order to incorporate our ethical values into our daily operation, we operate a comprehensive ethical management system. A part of this is the new online reporting system, where unethical behaviour can be noted simply, quickly, and anonymously.

We believe that the cornerstones of FGSZ Ltd. are integrity, ethics, and the following of the rule of law, hence we are committed to preserve these.

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