Launch of LPFS service

2022. 11. 30.

Dear Partner,

We are pleased to inform you, that in accordance with the Decree 312/2014/EU FGSZ Ltd launches LPFS (linepack flexibility services) staring from 1st December, 2022.

By using the LPFS, the related Network User is able to settle imbalance position for the given gas day at significantly lower service fees in comparison with the valid marginal settlement price related to the given gas day. Having a valid and applicable Network Usage Framework Contract signed with FGSZ Ltd. is a condition for using LPFS.

In order to render LPFS, FGSZ Ltd. separates 10,000 MWh reserve. For more information on LPFS and conditions for using such services, please check the paragraph 2, .

The service can be activated in the RBP platform, LPFS menu by specifying a rate different from zero of the requested LPFS and respective gas day.

Adjustment of the first LPFS rate will be possible starting from 1st December, 2022 10:00 am.

We also would like to inform you on another important change in accordance with the paragraph of the Operational and Business Code, staring from 1st December, 2022 during the settlement for the given gas day, the sale difference is allocated between the Network Users exclusively in proportion with the transmission volume.

Best regards,


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