Non-binding market survey for incremental capacity for interconnection points according to Article 26 of Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/459 (CAM NC)

2023. 07. 03.

Dear Partners,

We hereby would like to inform you that our Company launches a non-binding market survey for incremental capacity for interconnection points according to Article 26 of Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/459 (CAM NC) between 3 July 2023 and 28 August 2023.

Your non-binding demand indications can be submitted by filling out the incremental capacity survey sheet available at this link and sent to our company by 28 August 2023, the latest.

We would also like to draw your kind attention to the introduction of a registration fee condition in compliance with Section (11) of Article 26 of the CAM NC, considered as a prerequisite for the validity of the submitted non-binding demand indications, in absence of which the demand indication will not be taken into consideration. The registration fee is (net) 3,000 EUR/interconnection point/network user. The corresponding resolution No. H1617/2021  of the Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Authority regulating the application rules and payment terms of the registration fee is accessible here in Hungarian. The English translation of the Attachment No. 1 thereto - detailing the specific application rules and payment terms - is accessible here for informative purposes exclusively.

Furthermore, network users must also submit the non-binding demand indications to both transmission system operators (TSOs) of an interconnection point, otherwise the given demand indications will not be considered by the concerned TSOs. Should it not be the same legal entity submitting the demand indications on both sides of an interconnection point, but a shipper pair instead, the name of the shipper pair and its submitted demand also needs to be disclosed to FGSZ, using the excel template.

Within 8 weeks after closing the incremental capacity survey, but until 23 October 2023, the latest, FGSZ Ltd. in agreement with adjacent TSOs will publish the results in the respective demand assessment reports.

Survey sheets filled out with non-binding demand indications shall be submitted to  by 28 August 2023.  Should you have any queries regarding the above procedure, please feel free to contact us at this e-mail address as well.

Yours sincerely,


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