Result of DRP test 2021

2021. 05. 20.

Dear Partners,

We are proud to share that 2021’s Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) tests have been successfully concluded on 12th of May 2021 when we switched back to our main site with continuous business processes and without any data loss. We started DRP tests on 11th of May 2021 when we shut down all main and backup servers and communication channels of our primary site and operated all business processes for a whole gas day from our secondary site.

In order to ensure business continuity, it is necessary to regularly test whether backup systems, including those at the  are suitable to perform their role. This successful test is a pivotal measure to ensure the high-level availability of the IT systems operated by FGSZ: the Regional Booking Platform, Information Platform, Trading Platform, IPDATA and TSODATA.

We would like to thank all participating partners for their kind cooperation.

Best regards,



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