3.1.2. a) Detailed and comprehensive description of the different services offered and their charges

Services according to our Business Code:

ClassificationBasic services for network usage feeConnection services for connection fee defined in the Tariff DecreeServices for specific fee defined in the Tariff DecreeOptional services provided for fee specified in Business Code
Transmission services pursuant to TAR NC
  • defining and publishing available capacity
  • concluding Network usage contracts
  • ensuring measurements with the required accuracy
  • carrying out capacity booking
  • bilateral capacity transactions
  • receiving and processing nominations
  • carrying out natural gas transmission tasks in accordance with the Network Users’ nominations and the network usage contracts
  • defining the quantity of the received-delivered natural gas, allocation
  • usage of Informatic Platform
  • basic data supply
  • representing the interconnected natural gas system in the international professional organizations
Nontransmission services pursuant to TAR NC
  • odourisation
  • connection service
  • title transfer service
  • data services requested beside the data traffic related to the basic data supply
Services pursuant to BAL NC
  • balancing service (which includes the settlement of balancing natural gas)
  • line pack flexibility service provided from the 10 000 MWh flexiblity line pack
Services pursuant to CAM NC
  • activities resulting from the submission of non-binding demand indications

Fees of services: , Multiplicators applied during capacity booking, Other charges and terms, Discount of interruptible capacities