Mission, Vision

Our Mission

The mission of FGSZ is to guarantee – in cooperation with its partners – the security of the natural gas supply of Hungary in a regulated operating environment in the short, medium and long term, thereby increasing proprietary value.

Our main goal is to provide the conditions ensuring the natural gas supply of Hungary, operate the infrastructure required for natural gas supply maintaining a high professional standard, and to contribute to the diversification of sources and the increase of regional liquidity and the security of supply by developing cross-border capacities.

Our Vision

We focus on contributing to the regional-level connection of the high-pressure long-distance pipeline systems of the surrounding countries, thereby facilitating the improvement of the security of supply, the availability and diversification of sources and the market conditions of the region. In addition, we strive to develop systems allowing for the integrated and optimal utilisation of capacities, which is only possible with modern, high-quality IT support.

Core Values

  • We operate in accordance with the expectations of our shareholders, operating a financially successful, efficient enterprise;
  • Our operation and processes are efficient, and we continuously strive to improve them;
  • We encourage our colleagues to increase their performance both individually and as a team, and we recognise and appreciate their work;
  • We make our decisions having regard to the security of gas supply;
  • We are a HSE-conscious company that considers the safety of the working environment as a top priority;
  • We provide a reliable workplace and working environment for our employees;
  • We communicate openly both within the organisation and with our external partners;
  • We take responsibility;
  • We are capable of making decisions, and we do indeed make the decisions that fall into the scope of our professional responsibility
  • We keep up with the standards of the 21st century with respect to the automation and digitalisation of our system and processes;
  • We are opened to new things and we can adapt innovations;
  • Our company is a well-known and recognised player in the labour market;